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Maine's Bates College to Purchase All of its Electricity from Renewable Sources

IRS Certifies Ford and Mercury Hybrid Vehicles for the Clean-Fuel Deduction

New Report Shows Clean Energy Can Lower Natural Gas Prices

The EPA's the National Clean Diesel Campaign Awarded $1 Million in Grants

EPA Nails Three Ohio Companies for Hazardous Chemicals Pollution

EPA Green Power Partnership Tops 3 Billion Kilowatts

Indianapolis Buses to be Retrofitted for Clean-Air Emissions

Save with Winter Energy-Efficiency Tips

Conservationists Take Legal Action to Save Polar Bears

Scientists Debate Global Warming Role in Hurricane Activity

AAA Warns of Rising Gas Prices in Texas

Colorado Buys Renewable Energy Certificates to Permit Wood Burning

Private Spacecraft is a Sign of the Future

Migratory bird populations affected by hurricanes

Long after recovery, Hurricane's effects will remain, say experts

Calif. Promotes Ride Share Week

Damage to Refineries May Cause Gas Prices to Rise

Senate Considers Emissions Market to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Hurricanes Threaten Economy

Utilities Assessing Power Damages in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Bush Administration Sets New Fuel Standards

US Landfills Convert Trash into Clean Energy Source

US Mining Company Goes on Trial in Indonesia for Pollution

Proposed nuclear partnership with India to undergo scrutiny

US, Five Asian Nations Agree to Push Technology to Fight Climate Change

Thai Consumers Feel Impact of Global Oil Prices

New Motor Bike Powered by Alternative Fuel Technology

US auto manufacturers to develop better battery technologies

DHS, FBI, Aid UK Investigation of London Attacks

Company develops process to turn CO2 into baking soda

Reducing pollutants from electricity generation helps economy, study finds

First Solar Sail to be Launched into Orbit from Russian Submarine

Maryland Attorney General Cracks Down on Pollution

"The Dark Side" of nuclear power

XsunX Produces Transparent Solar Cell on Thin-Film Plastic

Teens build electric car from scratch

Royal Dutch Shell Invests $600 million into Petro China

Bolivian Energy Bill to Tax Foreign Oil Companies Becomes Law

Americans Ready to Switch to More Fuel Efficient Cars

North Korea Steps Up Rhetoric Over Nuclear Talks

Susquehanna tops national endangered rivers list

World Oil Investors Watching US-Saudi Meeting

North Korean Reactor Shutdown Raises Plutonium Alarm

Marlon Brando's Private Island to Be Site of New Luxury Eco-Hotel

PEDA to Offer $10 million in Aid For Clean Energy Projects

World Oil Prices Surge to New Record Highs

Environmental Group Wants Diesel Idling Time Cut in Half

Cartier Wind Energy to Supply Power to Hydro-Quebec

Little Progress Made at UN Climate Change Conference

UN Reports 2004 Fourth Warmest Year on Record

Nations Meet to Discuss Global Climate Change

OPEC starves oil production to prop rates

Going Green in Texas

DOE Awards IdaTech $1.4 million for Off-Road Fuel Cell System

Global Warming Study Indicates Potentially Serious Impact for US Ecosystems

China's Green Activists Could Change Political Culture

Report Warns Arctic Icecap Could Be Gone by End of Century

Renewable Energy and Fuel Cells the drive is on

Colorado Voters May Push for More Renewable Power

California Unveils State's First Hydrogen Refueling Station

DaimlerChrysler Commits to Putting More Fuel Cell Vehicles on the Road

World Oil Demand to Increase Sharply

tatue of Liberty Goes Green With Soy

New Study Finds Urban Pollution Triggers Heart Attacks

Fifty Dollar Oil Helping Fund Alternative Energy Projects

Current Soaring Oil Prices Less Painful Than 1970's Oil Shocks

Will China, US Have to Compete in Global Search for Oil?

Hydro-Quebec Awards Six Projects to Cartier Wind Energy

World Oil Prices Surge To a New Record High Above $51 a Barrel

>High Oil Driving Automotive Changes

G7 Calls on Oil Producers to Increase Supplies, Lower Prices

Congress Urged to Pass Sustainable Energy Tax Incentives

Ethanol Byproduct Shown to Improve Soil

Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to help power tomorrows battlefield

More Hurricanes Expected to Hit Caribbean, Eastern US

Alternative Energy Market Gaining Share

First Alternative Energy Index Spawns Exchange Traded Fund

US Department of Energy Funds Solar Program

Saudi Arabia Boosts Oil Production to 11 million Barrels Per Day

Experts Say World Oil Market in Hard to Predict Transitional Period

7th Annual Greenhouse Gas Technologies Conference focuses on Carbon Capture and Storage technology to reduce CO2 emissions

Charring Peanut Shells for Hydrogen Fuel

Investment Bugs Catching Nanotechnology Fever

New Growth Seen in Alternative Energy Markets

Refueling Hydrogen Vehicles is Hot Topic at Conference

One Year after the Big Blackout, Alternative Energy makes gains

Energy Commission Examines Alternative Power Sources in California

Profile - Alternative Energy Solutions: New York International Log and Lumber

Congressional Leaders Call on EPA to Issue Stronger Mercury Rule

UN Says One Third of Child Deaths Due to Environment

Coming In Out Of The Cold; Hybrids put to the test

The Hydrogen Highway Californias answer to higher gas prices

Pennsylvania Resurrects Energy Development Authority

Pesticide Exposure High Amongst Orchard Workers, study finds

Groups Seek Expansion Of Congressional Energy Caucus

EPA shows off cars that meet clean air standards

Wal-Mart Economy

Retailer possibly violated Florida state tank laws

Renewable Ocean Power- the parable of the seven seas

Powering a laptop with PV

Hydrogen Conference

Lightning protection for alternate energy systems

Reclaiming lost power from pv systems


Jack Knowles - Pamela Jung

Power inverters

Living with solar

hinese-U.S. Study Outlines Steps to Cut Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas in Beijing

In Earth's Ancient Atmosphere Oxygen's Rise to Breathable Level May Have Began Much Earlier

Tropical Atlantic Cooling, African Deforestation Correlate to Drought, Report Scientists

Biobased Plastic Flexes Its Muscle

California Regulators Unveil $3.2bil Solar Power Plan

U.S. Cold Weather Fuels Higher Heating Oil Prices

Large Municipal Waste Combustors Would Lock in Low Emissions Under New EPA Proposal

Polar Bears Drowning as Ice Melts, Scientists Say

Governments Agree to $470 million Package for Phasing Out Harmful Chemicals

Fitch Cuts Ford Credit Rating to Junk

Global Warming Will Thaw Most of Arctic Perma-Frost by 2100

EPA Launches Program to Increase Use of Domestically Grown and Produced Fuels

XsunX Begins Manufacture of Mass Production System Modular Design Will Allow System Expansion to Meet Production Demands

Many States Oppose Bush Pollution Plan

Study Hits EPA Plan to Censor Community Pollution Reports

Energy-Saving Methods for Small Office Buildings Developed

EPA Touts Companies That Reach Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

New Motor Bike Powered by Alternative Fuel Technology

USDA Joins Partnership to Protect Rare Forest

European Pupils Apply Their Creativity in Green Week 2006 School Competition

Americans Ready to Switch to More Fuel Efficient Cars

Study Touts Biofuels Despite High Cost of Production

Monitoring Herbicides in Midwest Drinking Water

World at its Warmest for Past 1200 Years

New Approach to Climate May Have Implications For Forecasting Environmental Change

Delegates Gather in NY for Talks to Safeguard the Planet's Forests

Power Plant Pollution Related to Illness, Death

Bush Pushes Alternative Energy in Three-State Visit

Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Predicted Thanks to Global Warming

Cleaner School Buses Mean Healthier Kids

Global Warming in Arctic Ocean May Mean Less Food

Shrinking Crystals Makes Safer Metal Alloys, MIT Finds

Study Shows That Quantum Dots "Talk"

EPA Orders Contractors to Remove Demolition Waste From San Pedro River

British Scientist Lovelock Says it's Too Late To Reverse Global Warming

Nissan Banks on New Transmission to Compete in Hybrid Auto Market

Oil Prices Rise on Production Fears

EPA Proposes More Consistent Regulation of Ethanol Production Plants

Melting Antarctic Ice Causing Sea Levels to Rise

New Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Research Shows Only two out Six Hybrid Cars Recoup Cost Within 5 Years

Squeezing Every Drop of Ethanol From Corn

Industry Launch Initiative to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Oil Prices Rise on Iran Concerns

U.S., China Launch New Wind Power Tool

India Moves from Landfill Gas to Clean Energy

Scientists Discover New Wrinkle in Mystery of High-Temperature Superconductors

EPA Acts on Implementation of Landmark Clean Air Interstate Rule

Invasive Species Taking Over Our Homes and Land

Businesses Turn Energy Savings Into a Profit for the Environment

US, Japan Partner to Promote Clean Development and Reduce Emissions

Rivers Indicate Earlier Snowmelt in Eastern North America

National Assessment of Toxic Air Pollutants

U.S. and Mexico Progress on Key Environmental Border Issues

Saudi Oil Income Expected to Top $160bn

From Peas to Ethanol

California to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Farms, Organizations Partner with UN to Save Earth's Ozone Layer

Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted to be Above-Average

Titus to Push New Energy for Nevada

Citrus Peel Waste a Potential Source of Ethanol

IL Leaders Push Oil Companies on E85

City of Palo Alto Receives Highest Renewable Energy Participation Rating in Nation

Bodman Blames Ethanol Conversions For Gasoline Disruptions

Line Between Traditional and Green Home Construction Fades

EPA and Arizona State Tackle Urban Heat Islands

Bush Outlines Four Part Plan to Deal With Energy Crisis

IRS Certifies Toyota and Lexus Vehicles for New Energy Tax Credit

Soaring Oil Prices Fueling Switch to Bio-Fuels Globally

UN Commission Pleas for World's Nations to Develop Sustainable Energy Sources

New Report Profiles Environmental Stewardship in Major Sectors

Climate Change Will Affect Poor The Most, Scientist Says

The Drake Landing Solar Community

New York Proposes Legislation to Allow Access to Renewable Fuels

Democrats Unveil Energy Plan

New Hybrid Cars Could Get 100 mpg, House Committee Told

Communities Get New Tool for Clean Air Strategy

Canadian Provinces OK Ethanol Gas Additive

Forecasters Predict Up To Six Hurricanes in Atlantic This Year

AVenezuelan president Chavez pledges energy loans to Bolivia

Nation's School Buses Worst Polluting Vehicles

Oil Prices Rise over $72 per Barrel

Tropical Regions Expanding, Climatologists Say

OPEC Divided Over Oil's Price Effect on Global Economy

June 1 Marks Historic Milestone in Clean Diesel

Seven Honda Vehicles Certified for New Energy Tax Credit

High Energy Costs Fuel Spike in Green Home Construction

NOAA Warns Americans of Danger This Hurricane Season

Op-Ed: Gas-Guzzling Americans

Alternative Energy Advocates Support More Federal Investment

EPA Debuts Hydraulic Hybrid UPS Delivery Truck

Cleaning Water with Soybean Scraps

The Earth Reaches Hottest Temperature in Centuries

Japan Turns to Biofuels to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Are Green Stocks Worth It?

Smog Continues to Blanket State in Third "Spare The Air Day" in Row

Smart Car Coming to US in 2008 Launch by DaimlerChrysler

Big Three Automakers Pledge to Double Production of Flexible Fuel Vehicles

Annan Stressed Energy Conservation Ahead of G-8 Meeting

Global Warming Hits US Wine Industry

Gasoline Prices Reach Record Levels Tuesday

PV Power Laptop

Geopolitical Crisis Pushes Crude Oil Futures to Record High

Crude Oil Prices Top $79 as Middle East Violence Escalates

EPA seizes thousands of illegally imported engines

Heat Wave Forces California to Declare Power Emergency

Consumers Angry Over Oil Company Profits

Global Warming Melts Ice on Matterhorn

Utility Sector Leaders Make Firm Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Heat Wave to Linger Through Sunday, Power Outages Persist

Unhealthy Air Quality Continues in Southern New England

Mysterious 'Dead Zone' Off Oregon's Coast Killing Sea Life

Irrigating When the Leaves Get Hot

Drought, Energy Costs Affecting US Agriculture

Ancient Arctic Water Cycles Give Insight Into Future Global Warming

New Database for Wind Energy Research Now Available

Calif. Gets Cleaner Burning Diesel Fuel

Scientists Extend Time Ozone Layer Needs to Repair Itself

Farmers Have Antidotes to Oil Dependency

Tropical Storm Ernesto Threatens to Become Hurricane

EPA Brags About Going 100 percent Green

Methane Bubbles from Melting Permafrost New Climate Threat

California Sues Automakers Over Emissions

Automakers Look Beyond Oil to Fuel America's Future

From Grease to Biofuel

Companies Set Aggressive Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals

Biofuel Cells Without the Bio Cells

Landfill Gas Fuels New Brick Plant

Clean Energy Could Create Thousands of Jobs, Studies Show

British Government Says Climate Change is Threatening Growth

Home Energy Efficiency Efforts Pay Off in Big Savings

Phillips Cuts Lead and Mercury in US Florescent Lights

Environmentalists Call for Freeze on Green House Gas-Producing Chemicals

Progress Made at Nairobi Climate Talks, Despite Bush Administration Opposition

Poland Looks to Join Methane Partnership

EPA Offers Incentives for Reduced Air Toxic Emissions

Resolve to E-cycle Old Electronics

Turning Livestock Waste into Wealth

Canada's Government Launches EcoEnergy Efficiency Initiative

Democratic Leaders Urge Bush to Act on Global Warming

Rep. Inslee Writes Book to Spark Action on Climate Change

EU and US Scientists Sign Pact on Common Environmental Concerns

Eu Agrees to 20 Percent Cut in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Clinton Proposes $50 Billion Energy Research Fund

Ban Ki-Moon sides with EU leaders on climate change

GM sparks buzz about 2010 release of Chevy Volt

Florida's Gov. Crist signs action plan on climate change

New device could lower ethanol production cost

EU examines industrial policy in times of climate change

Canada funds first wind project funded under the ecoENERGY for Renewable Power initiative

Biofuel crops double as greenhouse gas reducers

Bush counters EU plan for cutting greenhouse gases

Going Green in Residential Care

Peanuts could become next celebrity biodiesel fuel

Pelosi blames Bush for gas crisis

Ocean's CO2 absorption rate slows down, evidencing global warming's advance

New manure treatment could cut greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say

Lawmakers push for replacing gasoline with ethanol

Fire Ball Fusion Reactor

US and Canada agree to cooperate to clean up air quality

Study claims Florida wastes energy

Senate committee considers tax incentives for alternative fuels